How much does it cost to get a mortgage?

Arrangement Fee
An arrangement fee may be charged by the lender when setting up your mortgage, they vary from lender to lender but would generally average out at around £1000, you can usually choose to pay this fee upfront or add it to your mortgage loan, bare in mind that choosing to add it to your loan will mean you pay a little extra because the interest rate will apply.

Booking Fee
A booking fee (or application fee) is again a charge issued by your lender, this is sort of like a reservation fee for your loan while your application is going through, they're usually only around £99 and are charged upfront. It's important to remember that this fee will not be refunded to you if you don't take the mortgage out in the end for whatever reason.

Valuation Fee
In order to get a mortgage, the property you are raising the loan against will need to be assessed by a valuer, they of course charge for their services and you will need to cover the bill. Some mortgage lenders offer products that come with a free valuation as an incentive, but otherwise, the valuation fee will usually be positively correlated to the value of the property.

Legal Fees
Whether you're buying a house or remortgaging a property you already own, you will need a solicitor to act for you, this will, of course, come with a legal bill, including disbursements (costs incurred during the solicitor's work) and a fee for their time. Like with valuation fees, some lenders offer a free legal package, meaning you won't have to pay a penny.

Other Costs These are just the costs involved in a typical mortgage, depending on your situation there may also be other things to think about, like Stamp Duty if you're buying a property, moving costs and furnishings that all need to budgeted for.