Insurance & Protection

Protecting you and your loved ones from the unexpected.

An introduction to insurance

As you know, insurance is the safety net that breaks your fall when things go wrong. The relevance and necessity of insurance become increasingly apparent when you are taking out a mortgage loan, due to the fact it is one of if not the biggest financial commitments you will ever make and it's vital to protect yourself from a large, unmanageable debt. However, it is important to realise the importance of protection in general and not just when associated with a mortgage. Many insurance products are overlooked and the need for them is commonly underestimated by a lot of people until it's too late.

The Benefit of Using a Broker

Almost all types of insurance policies are complicated arrangements with varying terms and conditions and costs, this is what makes our vast experience and knowledge invaluable. There are countless price comparison sites out there that promise to find you the cheapest deal, and while this can seem to be a great thing for your costs, it can also be very dangerous in terms of your individual needs and the cover the insurer is actually offering. We will talk through your circumstances in depth and build a picture of your needs and budget before carrying out our research, we scour the entire marketplace to find the very best deal for your situation, we compare deals from a huge range of providers and present you with our findings, explaining the costs of each policy and outlining exactly what each of them offers in terms of cover.

Many of us are guilty of using price comparison sites when it comes to things like our car insurance or our utilities, but with something as important as critical illness cover or life insurance, policies that are designed to protect your personal health and well-being, we simply cannot afford not to be diligent in our research.

Insurance products

We offer advice on a range of insurance products to suit your lifestyle.

What are your risks?

The protection products that are most relevant to you will depend on your situation and various influencing factors, many people don't realise or don't consider the risks that they carry through their life and as a result, by the time they come to needing support it's too late to get a sufficient amount. A useful tool to find out what sort of protection may be useful to you is the risk reality calculator by LV=, working on a few basic details they can show you the likelihood of you needing to make a claim on various insurance products, you can find it here:

7 Families Campaign

7 Families is a charity led campaign to provide a tax-free income for one year to seven people who have lost their income because of a serious or long-term illness or disability. They offer their help to chosen families who have experienced a sudden loss of income without any protection to fall back on, this amazing cause highlights a big problem in the working population, too many people overlook income protection and adopt the mindset that they will never experience something like these families have, or that if they do they will be looked after by various government schemes or even their employer, in actuality this is often incorrect. Find out more about the campaign at 7 Families website.
Have you considered Income Protection?