First Time Buyers

Get the very best deal on your first time buyer mortgage with an expert, first time friendly service.

Buying your first home

Buying your first home is a big financial step, there are many things to think about and the process can seem confusing. We offer our clients a completely transparent service that is easy to understand and very first time friendly. We aim to take the stress out of the process for all of our customers and will go to every length necessary to ensure you are comfortable and confident that you're getting the right deal on your first time buyer mortgage.

The house buying process

A step by step guide to purchasing your first house...

1 - Mortgage assessment

The first step is to talk to a mortgage adviser about your eligibility in obtaining a mortgage and your potential borrowing. Consider your deposit size and potential government schemes.

2 - Find a property

Next it's time to find your dream home; if you've already got a property in mind, take some time to get to know the area and community before you make an offer.

3 - Make an offer

Once completely happy with your potential home, make the seller an offer and begin your negotiations. Remember, the bigger the gap between purchase price and mortgage amount, the lower the interest rate available to you.

4 - Arrange a solicitor

A solicitor is required to carry out the legal work of your house purchase; we can arrange a solicitor for you, you can find one yourself or depending on your mortgage product, your lender may offer a free legal service.

5 - Finalise your mortgage

By this point your mortgage should be ready to be packaged and submitted by your adviser, we will work closely with the lender and solicitor to ensure this process flows smoothly.

6 - Complete and move in to your new home

Once your mortgage is offered, your solicitor can take over and push through to completion, the lender will release your funds and you can begin moving in to your first home.

What can you afford?

Adjust the underlined figures to fit your situation and we'll give you a rough guide of what you could achieve.

Your Gross Annual Income (£) :
Second Applicant's Income (£) :
Your Potential Borrowing (£) :

Things to consider

Some things to consider before your first purchase