What documents do I need for a mortgage?

When applying for a mortgage, your chosen mortgage lender will ask to see a number of documents from yourself in order to evidence the information you have provided them with and also to pass their fraud and money laundering checks.

The documents you are asked for by the lender will vary depending on your employment type, what type of mortgage product you are applying for, and the bank's specific criteria.

Here's a breakdown of documents to keep handy ready for when you start your mortgage application:

All Applicants
Proof of identification (Current passport and/or driving licence)
Proof of address (Utility bill, council tax bill, credit card statement)
Last 3 months bank statements (To evidence income and expenditure)
Proof of deposit (Build up of savings or gifted deposit letter)

Employed Applicants
Last 3 months payslips (To show all income including bonuses)

Self Employed Applicants
Last 3 years SA302s (Obtainable via HMRC or your accountant, 3 years or as many as possible up to 3 years)
Corresponding tax year overviews (3 years or as many as possible up to 3 years)

Applicants Receiving Tax Credits/Child benefit
Your most up to date complete award letters
Proof of last 3 payments to evidence income