Can I get a mortgage if I just started a new job?

Starting a new job doesn’t necessarily stop you from getting a mortgage.

Depending on how long you have been employed previously and the type of work you have been doing, lenders will often consider an application once you have received a full month’s pay. Some lenders will be happy to offer a mortgage if you have a firm offer of employment from an employer even if you haven’t yet started the new job.

To get a mortgage this early, you must usually have been employed for at least a year in a similar job. You must be a permanent employee on a fixed salary, and you need to have a signed contract, or a firm offer of employment. The lender will usually ignore any probation period. If you have your first payslip, so much the better.

It is more difficult if you are self-employed, an employee working on a zero hours contract, or where most of your income is from bonus or commission. In those circumstances, lenders want to see that the income is sustainable and meets expectations. This usually means being able to show income for a full tax year.