Commercial Mortgages

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How we can help

If you are looking to purchase a commercial property for your own business use or as a buy to let investment, we can help you find and secure a deal that is best for you. We have established relationships with specialist lenders that allow us to find you the very best deals in the market.

Types of commercial mortgage

There are many different types of commercial financing, they can vary in the assets required to secure the loan, what you intend to use the loan for and how much you need to borrow. Commercial financing can seem like a very confusing matter at times but we have a team of highly experienced and qualified advisors that can walk you through the process with a service that is tailor made to your needs.

Purchasing for your own business use

A commercial property is defined as being property that is intended to produce a financial return for its owner by being used or occupied by businesses, this can either be through rental income or through the increase of its capital value. In order to purchase a commercial property a standard commercial mortgage may be suitable,

Commercial buy to let investment

Another type of mortgage on a commercial property is commercial buy to let, this is essentially just a regular buy to let mortgage but it is applied to commercial properties, the amount you can borrow will be determined by the rental value of the property and this will usually have to cover at least 125% of the mortgage payments assuming a rate of 5%.