Customer Success Story: Why use a broker?

We could go on and on about the importance of shopping around for the best deal because that's essentially a very simplified description of the service we provide.

Instead, we thought we'd document and publish a real-life case study of one of our customers to demonstrate this point. This customer success story begins with a phone call we received from a man who was looking to remortgage his existing home loan.

When he called, he was put straight through to one of our Mortgage Advisors, to whom he explained his situation.

As with most people, his first port of call had been his personal banking provider. The result was that they were more than happy to facilitate his remortgage, and offered him a choice of 2 and 5 year fixed rates; these interest rates were 3.09% and 3.99% plus fees respectively.

At this point, the customer could've progressed with an application to the bank and quite happily moved towards his goal of getting a new mortgage.

Instead, he chose to call us.

He made the very prudent decision to consult an independent adviser to better understand his options before committing to anything.

After some discussion with our adviser, Trevor, around what his goals were and some detail about his current financial situation, we set out on our search of the market looking for the very best mortgage deal.

We came back with an interest rate 1.17% lower than that which was offered by the bank, on his mortgage, that worked out as being £2,843.10 less per year.

The mortgage product was a fixed rate over a 5 year period, amounting to a total potential saving of £14,215.50.

£14,215.50 saved by making one phone call, as opposed to unknowingly choosing the much higher rates offered to him by his personal banking provider.

Our initial consultations are completely free of charge and obligation, meaning you can get an understanding of what your mortgage could look like without paying a penny.

Make the best decision for your finances, book your free consultation now on 01823 286271 or visit

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